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Living up to it's name, this fragrance is dramatic and deliciously comprised of forward floral notes such as rose and dark violet. It's fragrance is both nostalgic and complex. Rose oil has been intricately entwined with ancient love alchemy and many believe it's aroma opens the heart chakra. This peppery floral is a wonderful compliment to any season and one of our most popular perfumes.


10ml Oil Rollerbottle.


Created in 2012, this enchanting line of perfume oils is a journey through nature and mysticism. Blended using the finest essential, natural and fragrance oils, these scents transport us! Starting at the base of resinous woods, we journey through soft sandy musks, lands of sensual and exotic spices and open fields of sunshine;  all to reach the highest, headiest florals. This scent journey has something for everyone. Our perfume oils are long lasting and truly unique. Currently, you can find us at ReBelle’s, Presents of Mind and Redfox Vintage Woodstock in Portland, OR.


Interested in creating a custom perfume line for your business? Contact Tausha via email at for pricing and information.

Vamp Perfume

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