Great Whiskeys is the ideal drinking companion for any whiskey lover: it is generous, knowledgeable, and willing to go anywhere. No other spirit matches the romance of whiskey; its carefully nurtured, long gestation, the curious flavors of its birthplace, its infinite subtleties and varieties all have a magic that captivates seasoned connoisseurs and new fans alike. Great Whiskeys reveals the secrets that give each whiskey its character and cherry picks the best expressions to try. As the whiskey world becomes more global, heritage brands are exported ever more widely, and innovative whiskeys from new producing countries are winning accolades. Great Whiskeys reflects this diversity by bringing you whiskeys from 22 countries. This is a guide that covers every whiskey style: single malt, blended, grain, bourbon, rye, and more. Enthusiasts and converts alike could not find a more comprehensive, accessible, and travel-friendly resource.


Originally published: 2011

Genres: Cookbook, Bibliography

Editor: Charles MacLean

Subject: Cooking / Beverages / Alcoholic / General, Cooking / General, Cooking / Reference, Cooking / Regional & Ethnic / International, Whiskey

SBN:9780756679835, 0756679834

Page count:384

Publisher:DK Publishing

Great Whiskeys: 500 Of The best From Around The World