Flock of Gerrys- Gerry Loves Tacos, is a story from the life & times of Gerry the Seagull & His Flock. DJ LlamaRama, Tuskadero Slim, Crabarita, Mr Big on Bass, Salty Raven, & Octo! This is the story of how Octo joined Flock of Gerrys & taught everyone that: 1- Tacos are Delicious. 2- Trying new food can be the best thing ever. 3- They make an awesome band! 4- They can do anything when they work together. 


From the author: Flock of Gerrys Gerry Loves Tacos  began thanks to the real Gerry the Seagull, a clever & highly charming seagull who visits our home in Tillamook, Oregon on a daily basis & eats his snacks right from my hand. Gerry was such a character, he became my muse & one day I decided to draw him. It was the first time I had tried this style of art & I loved it.  I drew him some friends, and some more friends. It was so much fun imagining Gerry's adventures around Tillamook on his daily flights, somewhere along the way their story emerged.


Original illustrations & writing by Seasons Kaz Sparks

Flock of Gerrys- Gerry Loves Tacos Board Book