A beautifully illustrated book celebrating forty of the world's sexiest brains--people who have changed the world in big and small ways.

What have the world's sexiest people ever really done for us? We should be crushing big-time on the beautiful brains of the people who actually make a difference. Elon Musk, swoon-worthy inventor who spends his billions developing sustainable energy sources and space exploration. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, (gavel-)bangin' babe of the US Supreme Court who has spent her life fighting for women's rights. There's the other Tyra, Rupaul: our heroic hunti, and the ultimate champion of drag culture. We have yet to even mention our almightiest Queen, the modest mogal who came from nothing, the incomparable Oprah Winfrey.

These dreamboats are the real pin-ups, the poster people for brilliance, bravery, and giving a damn.

Change Makers...Book