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Meyer Lemon: We brew this focused, intense Meyer Lemon Syrup with fresh Meyer Lemon and Lemon Pureés to capture the peak seasonal flavors of both fruits. To this brew we add a splash of Organic Lemon Concentrate to include the amazing lemon aroma we all love in our beverages. Use this flavor powerhouse to mix up sparkling lemon treats, warm herbal teas, lemon drop cocktails and mocktails and a huge variety of drinks that will have your guests lost for words! Simply add to any unflavored sparkling water and build your drink as you would with a ready-to-drink lemonade.


Grapefruit: The Grapefruit Tonic works both as a mocktail or as a Gin & Tonic / Vodka Tonic. This layered flavor starts with a bite of fresh grapefruit and is rounded out with both Elderflower and the bitterness of quinine. We added just enough bitter to give the finished drink a nice balance, but not too much where it makes you pucker.




Shelf stable for 24 months. Refrigerate after opening. Will keep refrigerated for 6 months


This box contains three 3.4 oz/ 100ml bottles.

Net contents 10.2 oz/ 300ml.


Real Herbs and Spices- No preservatives.

Premium Beverage Mixer Concentrate.


From Portland Soda Works.

Beverage Mixers: MeyerLemon/Grapefruit/Lavender

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