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Hibiscus Cardamon: In this syrup, full, round berry flavors are developed from a careful blend of hibiscus flower and rose hip. Hand-ground whole toasted cardamom adds depth and subtle spicing. Ideal with clear liquors such and vodka and gin, or splash a half-teaspoon in a champagne cocktail, or mix with tequila.


Citrus: This citrus forward syrup has a delicate blend of passionfruit, key lime, and blood orange making it the perfect tropical addition to your favorite soda water and liquors alike. This syrup will add a bright sweetness to just about cocktail, whether you're working with vodka, gin, bourbon, or tequila. Just a splash will add some sunshine to your afternoon sparkling water


Mango Habanero: Our summer favorite, Mango Habanero, is bursting with the sweet heat combination of fresh mangoes and habaneros. This flavor is rounded out with notes of lemon-lime and bergamot orange. It is delicious added to sparkling water or your favorite herbal tea as well as the base of your vodka, gin or mezcal cocktails.


Shelf stable for 24 months. Refrigerate after opening. Will keep refrigerated for 6 months


This box contains three 3.4 oz/ 100ml bottles.

Net contents 10.2 oz/ 300ml.


Real Herbs and Spices- No preservatives.

Premium Beverage Mixer Concentrate.


From Portland Soda Works.




Beverage Mixers: HibiscusCardamon/CitrusPassion/MangoHabanero

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