Make cute scented crochet foods!


Crochet pattern designer Hoffman’s third book (after Amigurume Pets) on amigurumi—a Japanese term for knitted or crocheted dolls made out of yarn—provides a delightful primer to creating replicas of food, beverages, and utensils entirely out of a little yarn, some aromatic oils, and a crochet hook. After a “Getting Started” section, which features helpful tips such as to use a small hook “because of the small detail work involved in many of the patterns,” Hoffman gives instructions for creating 40 designs, divided into meal sections: breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweet treats, and extras, with patterns marked according to difficulty. (There are a great many easy patterns for beginners.) Newbies can start by crocheting up a piece of toast, while the more advanced can whip up a slice of cherry pie. Thirsty crafters can make a water bottle or glass of iced tea, or consult a helpful chart to make additional beverages. The finished products look good enough to eat, and there are detailed instructions on using oils, spices, and extracts to make these creations smell good enough to eat as well. Hoffman’s playful guide will provide a fun way for absolute beginners to learn crochet and a new way for expert crocheters to express themselves, with deliciously whimsical results in both cases.


Allison Hoffman. Lark, $17.95 (152p) ISBN 978-1-4547-1071-4

Amigurume Eats Book


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