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jDuct Ninja Duct Tape Wallet

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Vendor: jDuct

Slip this stealth little wallet into your black unitard as you lurch around in the shadows. You may want to keep a little bribery money in it to convince the concerned citizen not to call the police to report the “stalker” in the neighborhood. If that doesn't work, you can always use the cash for bail. 

This classic billfold wallet has a large pocket for your cash, 4 card slots, and 2 “behind the scenes” pockets.

Each of our wallets is hand-made with 100% duct tape. That's right, no cloth, cardboard or animals were harmed during the construction of these products. These are not your "hey look at this duct tape wallet that my 12-year-old brother threw together!" Oh no, jDUCT combines meticulous engineering, high style and detailed craftmanship to create pieces with fashion and function. Designed for the maximum amount of storage with minimum "bulge". Each seam is reinforced to eliminate sticky stuff associated with other duct tape wallets

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